Steve Nicklaus and Ron Mortensen shared stories and ideas from their work and personal lives for years. When they caught wind of the concept of margin insurance, they hatched a plan to work together and Dairy Gross Margin, LLC was born!


The Beginning

It took several tries before the concept became the product dairymen use today. Ron and Steve asked dairymen to write letters of support to the RMA to get the product going, to get the RMA to reinsure the product and, finally, to get premium payment at the end of the coverage period. Their perseverance paid off.

This leadership in developing LGM-Dairy finally resulted in our agency writing the first policy. That was 10 years ago.

The engagement with the birth of the product and our continued growth and involvement over the past 10 years equals an agency with the most knowledge for you!

What Makes Us Different

For dairymen, the key difference is our database of historical margin information. We hope this provides a solid starting point as you learn about LGM-Dairy. The statistics we compile each month add value and insight to help you choose the coverage that best suits your dairy.

Our team has grown in the past 10 years as well. We are here to provide information, counsel and prompt service. We look forward to talking to you!

Steve Nicklaus


Ron Mortensen


Marv Carlson

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