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LGM-Dairy offers Flexibility - Progressive Dairymen ( LGM-Dairy's performance outshines MPP this year Sept 27 2016 ( ..

LGM-Dairy Available on Dec 29, 2017


The next time to buy LGM-Dairy will be December 29, 2017 The January Sales will be on Friday, January 26, 2018 ..

MPP Announcement


USDA has recently announced that you are not obligated to continue in the MPP program for 2018. Check with your FSA office for details. We have been told by state FSA officials the following: No form is needed to opt-out of MPP for 2018. Simple - do nothing. Do Not signup for 2018 MPP by Dec 15, 2017 and you are considered out for 2018. IF you want to sign up for LGM-Dairy you can start on November 17, 2017...

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LGM-Dairy Historical Margins

Friday, December 15, 2017


Benefits of LGM for Dairy

  • Insurance protects from price changes in three components – corn, protein and milk.
  • Backed by Risk Management Agency, a federal agency.
  • Guarantees against income loss due to market events.
  • Good long term planning tool.
  • Application is simple.

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